Vehicle surveillance advantages

GPS system for satellite tracking and monitoring system for vehicles consists of a GPS navigation unit that is embedded in a vehicle, work machine or a ship, a central server and a software module that serves for access to users’ information that is collected. The user can access all the data collected through GPS navigation units in vehicles through the software interface. Data can be viewed on a map and in text form, ie in HTML, CSV, Pdf, Xls, or other formats. All collected data is kept on the server, and the system user can easily restore back time and view everything that happened from the moment the GPS satellite tracking and surveillance system was installed.

Why invest money into installation of a vehicle surveillance system? Who is using this type of tracking? Which businesses can benefit from using GPS technology? 

Today’s business is full of challenges, and if they want to be successful, companies must learn to control their costs better than ever before. Some costs are very difficult to control or even perceive if they cannot be measured – this is precisely the task of the GPS satellite vehicle, boat and work machine surveillance and monitoring system. Since the prices of products and services in the free market are constantly decreasing due to competition, being successful in the business depends precisely on the quality control of expenditures, and consequently on the increase of competitiveness on the market as well because the company that controls the expenditures can gain an advantage over its competition.

If you are engaged in activities such as: 

  • distribution and logistics,
  • sales,
  • services,
  • transport of goods and people,
  • lease and sale of all types of vehicles (car rental, leasing),
  • public service,
  • healthcare centers,
  • local and regional authority bodies,
  • utility companies,

and you own a large number of vehicles, these are some of the features of the system that contribute to reducing the cost of doing business:

  • fast and optimal arrival of the driver to the destination, and consequently lower fuel consumption and savings in working hours,
  • optimal use of vehicles by employees, and consequently lower fuel consumption costs, lower maintenance costs (service, tires, etc.) and increased driver safety,
  • automatic reminders for regular and preventive vehicle maintenance (the system automatically warns you about tire changes, service, equipment maintenance, etc.),
  • many insurance companies offer a discount of up to 20% for vehicles protected with GPS satellite surveillance and monitoring systems,
  • increase productivity,
  • document long lunch breaks,
  • document unauthorized breaks,
  • document overtime justification,
  • document personal use of the vehicle on weekends or outside of working hours.
  • by using the vehicle GPS satellite surveillance and monitoring system you can improve the quality of your service towards clients so that you can send you the nearest available vehicle, or calculate exactly when the arrival time will be based on the actual location of the vehicle,
  • vehicle GPS satellite surveillance and monitoring system can help you monitor whether your employee has visited your customers, how long he stayed with each customer and which customers he visited,
  • with the GPS satellite surveillance and monitoring system you can easily identify which employee is doing his job better, and you can also easily determine when is the time for a new hire, when you need to add a new vehicle in the system, or when the number of vehicles needs to be reduced,
  • reduction of the phone costs, particularly abroad, as the GPS satellite surveillance and monitoring system allows unlimited communication with employees in the field,
  • it simplifies the management of your movable property and greatly simplifies the dispatcher’s job,
  • automatize the creation of travel orders and calculation of daily allowance (in just two clicks),
  • eliminate the possibility of fuel theft.

If you own more than one car in your company, it is time that you consider applying this technology to improve your work, efficiency and profitability.

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