Identifying individual user requests and finding the optimal solution of technical protection is the foundation of our work. Taking into account the laws, professional rules and financial capabilities of the users, we advise on the ways and realistic possibilities and the need to protect the facility from the survey of the facility, assessment of the vulnerability, design, installation and maintenance of the technical protection system.


Anti-burglary systems are used for detection, alert and prevention of burglary attempts in a protect...

Fire alarm

The fire alarm system independently, without the presence of a person, serve for early detection of ...

Video surveillance

Video surveillance system allows visual monitoring of the protected space in real time.

Gas detection

Gas detection system is used for early detection of the presence of harmful and dangerous gases and ...

Access control

Access control system is used to control the movement of persons, and for protection of areas of par...

SOS systems

SOS systems are used to make SOS calls by activating the button next to the bed or in a bathroom.

Sound system

Sound systems are used for music, notifications, advertising and alarms.

Panic lightning

Panic lighting ensures safe exit from the facility with adequate lighting signaling.


Speakerphones are used for communication that controls the access to facilities.

Parking gates and barriers

Parking gates are used as barriers to control the entrance and exit from public and private areas.

Revolving barriers

Revolving barriers are used to select passage places with high intensity of people flow.

Vehicle surveillance

Vehicle surveillance system is used to monitor and control vehicle fleet by satellite tracking.