EVAC systems are the basis of fast and efficient evacuation. In facilities that can accommodate many people, office buildings or hospitals, it is important to establish high-quality and intuitive sound (and also visual) signaling in order to facilitate orientation in an unfamiliar space during life-threatening situations. An additional factor in the selection of EVAC systems is the evacuation of persons with certain difficulties such as hearing problems.

The purpose of the alarm is to evacuate all persons in the facility or a certain part of the facility as quickly as possible. One of the most effective such options is the evacuation address system (EVAC). In addition to the main purpose of informing about the danger and the desirable behavior of people, the evacuation loudspeaker is a favorite because of its wide application. Thus, in everyday circumstances, it is used to play music or announcements in different parts of the building, and when necessary, it can be connected to a fire microphone, but also to the control center itself.

Evacuation loudspeaker with voice messages increases the timely response of people to evacuation.

Although some buildings have built-in classic, ambient sound system, it is deficient because it does not meet all the standards prescribed for fire alarm systems, such as the necessary resistance of speakers and wires to water. In short, an evacuation loudspeaker can be used as an ambient loudspeaker, but not the other way around.

Parts of the alarm system or evacuation loudspeaker:

  • managing unit, 
  • input and output matrix, 
  • amplifiers to which speakers are connected
  • speakers  

The most effective evacuation process looks like a domino effect. The alarm and additional signaling are first activated at the source of the danger itself, then the floors above and, finally, those below. There are technical solutions that also enable people with hearing difficulties to react more easily to an alarm and include light signaling in the form of panic lights, as well as loops for automatic amplification of the sound signal on hearing aids.

The evacuation plan is drawn up considering the size of the facility and its complexity, therefore it is important that such documents are drawn up by professionals, and the installation of the alarm system is carried out by authorized services such as Electronic Security. Contact us for an offer via the form below or directly to info@electronicsecurity.eu.

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