Speakerphone or intercom is a device that allows access control and often has a communication role between visitors and individuals within a facility, and is based on audio and video communication. The systems based on audio communication are simple. The handset is connected to a an electric lock and voice recognition, and you can decide whether you want to allow access to the facility for the person who requested it.

The systems based on video communication have a built-in video camera on the external unit, and a screen on the receiving unit where the image is being transmitted by the camera. This allows the person on the receiving side to have a more efficient identification of the person requesting access. For security access control, and access to the facility, there is a keyboard that changes the front panel’s number arrays so that the numbers that make up the access password cannot be identified by the prints. In addition, it is also possible to input RFID cards, backup access passwords to the SD card. Video speakerphone system is easily expanded and used through different modules for light management, adding additional cameras, wireless and IP video services, as well as a Wi-Fi router connection for mobile applications.

Video speakerphone system can be complemented with analog cameras for better control of individual areas, by the front door or yard fence with the mounted outdoor unit.

Speakerphone systems are not limited to one external and one internal unit. There is a possibility of connecting an outdoor unit with more indoor units, as is the case with residential buildings. Also, it is possible to connect multiple outdoor units with one or more internal ones in case there are multiple inputs or access to the facility.

Speakerphone can simultaneously serve as an intercom, i.e. for internal communication within a home or a building. In this case, a special relay circuit with the corresponding power supply is installed, which switches off the external unit when the internal call is made.

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