Speakerphone as access control service

Access control in residential applications comes down to controlling the front door, and, if we are talking about a house with a yard, entering the yard and possibly the garage. The most common is the use of audio video intercom systems for the control of visitors, especially in multi-apartment buildings. When there is already an intercom system and an electrical outlet for the front door of the building, it is useful to add a standalone reader and/or keypad, which allows tenants to enter without using the key, but using a card or a code. Automation for stand-alone houses with a yard and garage doors is usually handled with remote controls due to their convenience.

By using various modules, video speakerphone system simply extends and can be used for managing lighting, adding additional cameras, wireless and IP video speakerphone devices as well as WiFi router to connect to mobile applications.

Video speakerphone system can be supplemented with analog cameras for better surveillance of specific areas by the front door or yard fence where an external unit is placed.

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