The installation of a sound system in one facility represents the refinement of this space and the creation of a pleasant working atmosphere as well as a powerful information, advertising and alarm system.

Today, almost all of the larger business facilities, buildings, stores, warehouses, hospitality facilities, cafes, restaurants and the like are regularly equipped with such systems. Depending on the purpose of the space itself, it is possible to release various messages and music in different parts of the system through one system, provide automatic music pause in case of some major event, locally adjust the sound volume in individual rooms and make a number of other settings essential to the user. The foundation of a quality sound system is a project that takes into account the characteristics of the room and the purpose of the system itself to ensure good speech intelligibility and quality of music playback at every location. In large public and business buildings with high frequency people need to use evacuation sound that is connected to the fire alarm system. Music is played under normal conditions, and in case of fire, it serves to inform people about available evacuation routes and other information essential to rescue people and property without causing panic that may arise in the absence of the necessary information.

The sound system consists of input units (microphone, radio receiver, CD player), central unit (amplifier- often integrated with an input unit), output elements (speakers) and installation (guides). The amplifiers have a multi-room options – the ability to adjust the volume level for each zone and each speaker individually, but also to select the audio source (radio, CD, etc.) for each zone. Different system settings are possible, primarily through attenuators that regulate the volume of the sound in each room. Sound quality in such systems depends on the quality of all the components involved in the system – from the media used to play, playback and amplify as a signal source, over cable as a transmission medium  (copper purity, fabrication technology, type and form of conductors, connectors as connecting elements) to the loudspeakers themselves (transformers, membranes, magnets).

The sound system can be high-tech (professional) or low-noise (Hi Fi). High-quality sound, or 100-volt (100 V) network, is the perfect solution for sound in facilities that need the background music that allows for uninterrupted conversation and a pleasant atmosphere. This sound requires an amplifier to connect an unlimited number of spatially arranged loudspeakers, depending on your needs, wishes and budget.

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