A parking gate is a barrier used at the entrance/exit of public and private parking lots, parking payment systems, hotels, hospitals and other similar public areas. The construction and measures are tailored to individual needs. The automatic parking gate ensures easy use, functionality, speed and reliability. For private purposes is serves as a protection when you want to use the parking lot for yourself or your visitors so that you can allow uninterrupted parking and control by remote control, push buttons, contactless cards, etc. Parking gates may also serve as entrance to a public or private, paying parking that is linked to a billing system used for parking services.

Parking gates are the cheapest and fastest access control solution, or even parking space insurance.

An innovative idea for reserving a parking space in residential, public and industrial areas are so called parking guards. They offer the ability to open and close directly from your car via remote control. This also includes an automatic chain barrier that is widely used in private and public parking lots to reserve one or more parking spaces. High technology, unique design, perfectly fit in places with special architectural context and in city historical centers.

Lifting automatic pins with cylindrical elements are used for access control, as they have a high resistance impact, and are located in an underground housing, and they serve as traffic control obstacles without disturbing the pedestrian passage, nor does their appearance affect the old city centers. They are used in areas of limited traffic, public roads and private areas such as city squares, historic centers, residential areas, pedestrian zones, hospitals, hotels, shops, shopping malls, traffic-restricted streets. There I a wide range of models: hydraulic, electro-mechanical, pneumatic – that meet different needs. Depending on a model, they can be lifted and lowered, either manually or automatically.

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