Revolving barriers are the best solutions for areas with high crowd density, such as entrances to large sports stadiums or various stations. In order to make passage control as easy and fast as possible, we suggest setting up barriers of various shapes, adapted to different people's needs, i. e., a special passage for the disabled. High revolving barriers (220 cm) are used for higher safety levels and/or for vandalism prevention.

The barriers used to control the passage are:

  • three-way swing barrier or tripod (one-way, two-way, with integrated access control)
  • low revolving barriers
  • high revolving barriers with motorized wing
  • swing barrier with motorized wing
  • mechanical swing barrier
  • safety door
  • passage ramp

Low swing barriers and full height barriers can be made with drop arm function (lowering of arms on emergency signal or power outage) or with release in both emergency directions. Given the different uses of the barrier, they can be motorized (after the signal, the motor accelerates the passage) and mechanical (rotation is performed by the person passing through).

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