Access control system protects your commercial property from unauthorized entry and theft and minimizes potential damage by tracking movement of persons in the secured premises at all times. This ongoing safety protocol makes it impossible to move valuable assets without being detected. Since our job is your safety, we understand the need for a well-protected space. Therefore, we offer you the latest technology that provides the highest level of security.

The access control system blends perfectly with the working hours' record, freeing you from the never-ending administration that all employers are obliged to keep.

In available systems of access control, RFID contactless cards are used most often, followed by contactless key chains, contact chip cards and barcode cards.

For smaller business facilities, we recommend the implementation of a controller and a reader within a single device, while the less vulnerable facilities can be protected by a simpler audio or video intercom system. Connected to the company’s main computer, access control can be integrated with other security systems, such as video surveillance.

Biometric authentication is another possibility, used when accurate identification of the person entering the protected area is crucial, for example while entering archives with classified documents. In this case, the most common and the fastest method is the fingerprint recognition system.

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