Keeping records of working hours is mandatory by law for all employers, and in modern times tracking them is easier than ever before. With the help of digital storage in the so-called cloud, it is possible to automatically calculate working hours using only a card or some other method of employee identification. Due to its ease of use, the electronic alternative to timekeeping is the choice of many collectives, regardless of size and industry.

The electronic system of working time records will improve the business of the organization and make it easier for the employer to comply with legal regulations.

The working time record system is perfectly complemented by the access control system, so that, as soon as you enter the office or branch, the working time starts to be recorded. Therefore, it is easy to spot patterns of lateness among employees, but also to reward the commitment to work of those who always stay "just half an hour longer". An additional advantage of digitized time records is the elimination of the possibility of human error, which can cause employee dissatisfaction if, for example, their overtime hours are accidentally not recorded or paid, which is prohibited by law.

Parts of the time attendance system are:

  • computer server with associated program codes and database (server),
  • contactless cards or other tags with the same purpose
  • registration devices – contactless card readers

In the end, the time attendance system is profitable in the long term because it contributes to employee satisfaction, gives the employer a very precise insight into the work and, in addition, is a suitable tool for meeting legal standards. Contact us using the form below or via email so that we can find the best solution for your team!

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