Integrated technical security systems combine several forms of protection into one and increase their effectiveness and profitability. This means that a combination of various systems such as video surveillance, gas alarm, fire alarm, access control, anti-burglary system, detection of parking occupancy or protection of items from theft that are installed in often large and complex facilities such as hotels, shopping centers or industrial plants.

The software, through a graphical (visual) interface, facilitates the operator's work by showing automated system reactions, and above all guarantees reliability. Within integrated systems, all user actions are archived in one place, which enables easier monitoring and subsequent database searches. In situations where the systems are separate and disconnected, the person in charge of monitoring the facility must focus on several different interfaces at once, which is extremely tiring and often leads to errors. 

In complex crisis situations, the networking of embedded systems is crucial for the safety of the entire facility.

If there is a fire in the building, a separate fire protection system will start the fire extinguishing process, but the rest of the building will remain isolated. By integrating the fire protection system with the access control and evacuation system, a series of operations are launched that increase the safety of the facility and people. Thus, by detecting fire and smoke, it is possible to disable the elevator and unlock all the doors, regulate the ventilation, activate the lighting leading to the exit, as well as turn on the alarm that informs those present about the danger. If video surveillance is added to the systems, the operator himself can automatically get a view of the affected area on the screen so that he can take additional protective measures.

For all managers of larger business facilities or complexes, which due to their massiveness are exposed to a greater number of risks than smaller facilities, the integration of a technical protection system is a profitable investment in the long term, as proven by many cases from practice. System integration primarily increases the overall level of security, and simplicity, speed and efficiency are its key advantages.

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