We are exposed potentially to all kinds of crime every day – robberies, break-ins and burglaries, and with this, we are more aware that we must effectively secure peace and privacy inside our homes as well as protect our property. Installing the technical protection system in order to create personal and family security is often the first thing we think of.

The burglars mostly operate by low resistance principle, therefore, the installation of visible signs that the area is protected (external sirens and flashlights, video cameras, signs that the space is protected) are very likely to deter from the intent to commit burglary. If a burglary does occur, the sound of sires will hinder the burglar or even completely prevent the event from happening, while the central device that controls the operation of the system within the premises can send information about the burglary to your phone or security center whose intervention team will come to the endangered location in the shortest possible time.

When someone says “I want to install an alarm”, it is possible that he has selected one, or a combination of several types of technical protection systems that is created depending on the customers’ wishes, but also depending on the spatial configuration in the protected object. Well-thought combination of speakerphone, video surveillance, but also by using the possibility of upgrading the classical alarm control, fire and environmental conditions, and other modular and communication extensions, it is possible to meet all the specific requirements of a particular apartment, home or a residential building, and create a sense of safety in own home. Improving the quality of life is the starting point for the integration and automation of all home systems that want to be managed easily, while ensuring that technological solutions are invisible and integrated into everyday life.