Industrial and manufacturing plants differ in many ways according to many risk factors, so the protection of each facility needs to be approached separately and devised based on professional judgment of threats, which are the highest values that are protected, and for which the regulations must be met, which are specific risks and which measures will efficiently reduce them. It is necessary to determine the characteristics of the facility (area surface, whether it is one or more facilities within the perimeter, whether there are multiple dislocated facilities), location (in our out of communities) and business (what does it produce, what materials are used, how the products are stored), which serve as the basis for the selection of the fire alarm level, quality of video monitoring, access control capabilities, how many security protection perimeter zones, centralization and system integration are required for the facility. Because of high building value of industrial facilities and mainly the high risk of fire, special attention should be paid to fire protection that needs to be carried out in accordance with regulations and fire risk assessment. Quality and regularly maintained fire alarm system will certainly be paid off as it ensures fast detection and rapid star of fire extinguishing, which significantly reduces people’s suffering and material damage. Centralization of technical protection is often carried out at the level of an industrial complex itself, by establishing control centers which monitor events on all technical protection systems, and, if necessary, alarm events are also forwarded to firefighting and security reporting centers. In order to increase the reliability of the system and achieve greater efficiency of the operator in the monitoring center, it should facilitate the control and management of many systems within the facility (fire detection, video surveillance, access control, anti-theft) by their mutual integration. The protection measures should be incorporated into regular business operations and employees should be trained to implement them.


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