The protection of monetary institutions in Croatia has been legally in force since 2003, and the new amended version of the Law from 2005 includes numerous technological innovations in the area of technical protection, whose application has proven to be particularly effective. The law applies to a number of business entities that operate with money – banks, exchange offices, betting offices, post offices, Croatian Lottery offices and Financial agencies, slot machine clubs, goldsmiths and places to purchase precious metals, and points of sale where payments are made in cash, whose provisions apply to the central facilities of monetary institutions and their branches, offices, and other contractual payment sales offices that deal with cash and values, ATM machines and cash depositories, as well as processes of distribution of cash and values.

A large amount of cash is a big bait and the technical protection systems are primarily used to prevent theft and robbery. Investments in the protection system are relatively small compared to other infrastructure systems, and this is more justified due to many benefits that it guarantees. With significantly less risks and damage, there is also a reduction in maintenance costs, a longer life cycle of the system itself, better analysis and reporting, better process management and faster response to changes. Investment in protection measures is also stimulated by insurance companies by granting bonuses for employee, property and business insurance premiums.

Anti-theft/defense are standard systems, and in order to ensure their function, it is necessary to ensure continuous, controlled and encrypted communication between the alarm system and the alert center. The video control of important points (entries/exits, payment areas, discretionary cash register and distribution of money, area in front and within the central vault) must have an identification function, and the choice of an adequate camera depends on its resolution and the width of the scene. Access control system applies to premises and special purpose areas in accordance with the prescribed security procedures. Functional integration of ATMs with anti-skimming and video surveillance with the ability of analytics to achieve automatic recording of all transactions, automatic entry of description for each specific transaction (place, time, amount, account number) into a video and later search of a video archive through keywords that simply resolve disputed situations.

Great attention is paid to the documentation related to the technical protection documentation and their maintenance, as well as the technical protection in connection with mechanical and physical protection. The Law obligors must have various documentation proving the quality of the embedded systems (equipment certificates, projects, records, work orders) and that they have applied an adequate level of protection (Endangering judgment, Safety Measure Plan, Conceptual solution). It is important to emphasize the importance of the perception of vulnerability on the basis of which systems can be fully adapted to the vulnerability of each facility.


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  • Splitska banka d.d. Split Nova upravna zgrada
  • PBZ pod. Split, pod. Imotski, pod. Dubrovnik, pod. Šibenik (preko 20 sustava)
  • Dubrovačka banka Upravna zgrada
  • Alpe - Jadran banka Upravna zgrada, eks. Voćni trg - Split
  • Croatia banka Split
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  • Credo banka Split I, Split II, Sinj
  • Glumina banka Split, Kaštel Stari, Mostar, Livno, Tomislavgrad, Široki Brijeg, Imotski
  • Imex banka Split (preko 40 sustava)
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  • Šted. kred. zadruga Lipa Split
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